Cat Eye Contacts

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Cat Eye Contacts
Cat Eye Contacts

Cat eye contacts are theatrical contacts that make the wearers eyes look like the eyes of a cat. In other words cat eye contacts have elongated pupils like a cat. The colored part of the cat eye lens, or artificial iris are made in a virtual rainbow of colors.

Cat eye contacts are great for theater, costumes, Halloween, and for film making. Lets not forget they also work excellent for making a statement or freaking out your friends.

As with most theatrical lenses, cat eye contacts come in prescription and non prescription strength. Almost anybody can wear cat eye contacts.

Pupils are subconsciously viewed as mood indicators. When selecting cat eye contacts keep this in mind.

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If you are looking to express a happy or playful look you may want to consider getting cat eye contacts with a wider pupil. If you want to look like you are ready to pounce you may want to get cat eye contacts with a more narrow pupil.

If you plan on using cat eye contacts to make a statement you should understand what kind of statement you are making. People may tend to be more trusting in people who have wider pupils.

Then again trust may not be the effect you are going after.

The color of your cat eye contacts may also effect your perceived mood. Certain colors also induce a more mysterious look.

If you are really into looking like a cat you may want to get different sets of cat eye contacts. This way you could keep the same basic color pattern with different size pupils to display how you are feeling.

Getting a color that is close to your own original color could be used to freak your friends out. You could tell them you are a  super hero cat and your eyes change when you are on high alert, hahaha.

Choosing the correct combination of pupil size and color shouldn't be extremely difficult. LensMart offers a nice variety of combinations in their cat eye contacts. They also have a huge selection of other style theatrical lenses.

LensMart offers both prescription and non prescription cat eye contacts.


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